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best pc gaming controller

Best PC Gaming Controller In 2022 | Buy On Amazon

If you’re a PC gaming enthusiast, you can not even imagine gameplay without a controller. Most gamers think that it’s their comfort or bonding with a specific controller. But in actuality, it’s the manufacturers who adjusted the keys at a right angle. So if you’re looking for a joystick or steering wheel type controller, you might not be at the right place. Know more About Best PC Gaming Controller In 2022

Here, the focus will be on standard-budget PC gaming controllers with mash-style buttons. The best PC gaming controller is always hard to find when you’re on a tight budget. But, with the proper guidance, you can choose the right one.


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Things You should consider

1.   Compatibility

There are several factors to consider when buying a PC controller, such as the type of game you want to play and your budget for it. The compatibility of PC gaming controllers is not always the same. Several gaming controller brands are incompatible with various operating systems. Now you have two choices grab the famous one, or give a chance to new brands. But, If you’re jumping on to a new brand, then you must read customer reviews.

2.   Connectivity

Mainly there are two types of pc gaming controllers wired and wireless controllers. A significant breakthrough in the gaming industry has been the wireless connectivity of gaming controllers. I always prefer a Bluetooth (wireless) controller because you don’t have to cope with tangled wires while playing. The primary thing you must consider while buying a wireless gaming controller is its range and battery timing. In case of less range, you will face a lag in games.

Additionally, wireless controllers offer more freedom in that if you move around your room or space, you don’t have to worry about tangling wires. Moreover, the Wireless connectivity range is an essential factor for gaming controllers as they greatly impact the gameplay. The best wireless connectivity range for gaming controllers is around 10 meters.

3.   Build Quality

Thanks to advancements in technology, manufacturers can now offer high-quality gaming controllers. They can use more expensive materials and more advanced technology to create better controllers. The controller quality is evaluated by how long it takes for a human to play it for 10 minutes. PC gamers tend to play for more extended periods, so it’s essential how comfortable and durable the controllers are.

Drop test certification should focus on getting the best budget pc gaming controller. Unfortunately, such a certificate comes with only premium quality controllers like PowerA XP5 and Razer Wolverine.

Being on a tight budget, few companies offer ABS built-in controllers like Redgear Pro and Cosmic Byte.

4.   Ease of use

A controller is designed to be easy to use and has a good grip, making it comfortable for PC gamers. However, if you’re a pro gamer but don’t have a suitable controller, then there might be a chance of losing scores. Here are some factors that affect how easy a controller is to use.

     I.        Button customization

Usually, there are 17 to 18 keys on a standard controller. You can also customize these dedicated keys as per your requirement. Illuminated keys are also embedded in the fifth generation of controllers, so you can even play at night. Before selecting whether you need silicon rubber keys or mechanical keys in your controller, always choose carefully.

    II.        Ergonomic design

The design of a controller is an integral part of the game. It influences how comfortable the player feels while playing. Controllers are primarily defined by their shape, size, and weight. Many companies have considered these factors when designing their controllers, which helps reduce fatigue and muscle tension in the wrist and hands.

5.   Additional features

What makes any gaming controller one step ahead is the additional features. However, there are a few things that grab the attention of gamers.

Number of buttons

The standard number of buttons on any gaming controller is 17 to 18, but a few models include extra features, such as volume buttons and cruisers. Some models even have a touchpad.

Audio jack

The audio jack option is also present in some gaming controllers to listen to the sound directly from your controller. To play with your teammates, the audio port is a must-have feature.

Battery timing

The battery timing of gaming controllers is a crucial aspect of the user experience. The controller needs to have a long battery life since it is used for long periods and needs to be changed often. Therefore, some controllers come with rechargeable Li-ion batteries, and some use AA or AAA batteries.


PC gaming is becoming more popular than ever. PC gamers now want PC gaming controllers that feel like the real deal. However, because gaming controllers are pricey and not everyone has them, it’s confusing which controller is the best for you. You need something that feels good in your hands, looks great on your desk, and doesn’t break easily. With this guide, you should determine what is the best budget gaming controller in India for you.

Hope this article helps you to understand which is the Best PC Gaming Controller In 2022 Now You know the  Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing The PC Gaming Controller.



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