Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under 5000 In India 2022 Buying Guide

Best office chair under 5000

Best Ergonomic Office chair under 5000 In India 2022 Buying Guide | Buy On Amazon

A typical office worker spends more than five hours at a desk per day. Unfortunately, if you haven’t a comfortable chair, it can lead to severe back pains. Finding a good-quality chair can be a real challenge and a time-consuming job. Therefore, I would like to share a few key points to consider when buying the best office chair under  5000. But before you begin, you must know what an office chair means.

Why should you invest in a good office chair?

Believe it or not, if you’re reading this blog, then an office chair is a part of your lifestyle. The better the chair, the more productive and comfortable you will be. From cushioned armrests to pelvic supports, modern office chairs offer everything. But the only thing restricting your comfort is your budget. So here I will tell you how to break the best deal under a budget of 5000

Things to Consider before buying the best office chair

       I.            Seat width and depth

First of all, you must know what type of seat you want. The width and depth of an office chair are different depending on the size of the individual. The chair should be wide enough for the person to sit in but not too wide to be uncomfortable. In my opinion, it depends upon your workspace and your comfort zone. Ideally, if you have a lot of room, it would be good to go for a minimum of 20 inches.

best office chair under 5000
Best office chair under 5000

If you want to save some space, choose a 17-inch chair since it is the standard office chair size. In addition, the person should be able to fit their feet comfortably under it. It would be best to keep your body type in mind when choosing the height and depth of your office chair.

    II.            Lumbar support

An office chair should be comfortable and supportive enough for you to sit for hours at a time without getting any pain or discomfort. It should also provide good lumbar support, which is crucial for the health of your spine. It prevents back pain and injury by keeping your back in the correct position. In addition, it reduces fatigue and improves productivity.

You can also find them in different materials like leather and mesh. In addition, you can choose from various sizes and shapes to meet your needs.

 III.            Backrest

An ergonomic office chair provides comfort and has a backrest that can be adjusted to accommodate different heights and body types.

IV.            Seat material

There are two primary materials used in office chairs: leather and fabric. Leather is a more expensive material, but it has a very stylish look. On the other hand, the fabric is cheaper, but it has its own grace.

Choosing the suitable fabric for your office chair depends on how you live and what you like. For example, if you want a more formal look, then leather would be better for you because it has a classy look. On the other hand, if you want to go with something more casual, the fabric would be perfect for you because it can also have different colors and patterns that can perfectly match your style.

   V.            Armrests

Armrests are not just for the comfort of your arms. They are also crucial for your posture and the health of your back and neck. You need armrests to prevent your elbows and arms from hitting the keyboard or the desk. As you type or write, armrests provide a place for your hands to rest. So, always buy an office chair which has armrests. If they’re cushioned, then it will be a plus point.

VI.            Weight capacity

It is essential to have a comfortable office chair suitable for your body weight. Additionally, it should be designed ergonomically.

Some of the best office chairs have a weight capacity of up to 300lbs and are made with high-quality materials. This is because the average person weighs around 180 pounds, and such office chairs can support them efficiently. These chairs are used by people who work at home or in an office setting where they need to sit for long hours.


Every office chair is designed to be ergonomic and provide a certain comfort level. However, the best office chairs offer an ergonomic design lumbar support and have a great look. Aesthetics is not just about the chair’s looks but, more importantly, how it feels when you sit on it.

But if you’re still with me, you might have a clear idea of what you should see while buying the best office chair under  5000. Pick out your favorite and let us know what you think about it in the comments section.

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